External Effects - Delay not being reported - RME


I have a Fireface 400 in combination with the Octopre ADAT module from focusrite and I’m running Cubase Pro 9. When I try to measure the effect’s loop delay, cubase returns a value of 0ms. This is obviously not correct. I checked my inputs and outputs multiple times. All is correct. I can use my external reverb without any problems.

Does anyone know a solution t this problem?

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Macbook Pro touch bar, Cubase Pro 9, Fireface 400


Do you use 32- or 64-bit internal processing?

I’m using 64 bit processing.


Could you try to switch to 32-bit and test it again? Does it work in 32-bit, please?

Cubase 9 is 64-bit only. Isn’t it?

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Yes, but in the Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System, you can choose 32- or 64-bit Processing Precision.

Documentation here.

I’m sorry, but i can’t find the switch for 32-bit processing

9 doesn’t support double precission so you’re 32bits

Ok, I didn’t know that. Is there a way to fix my effect’s loop delay problem?

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I have heard, it’s probably only redraw issue. The delay compensation works even in this case. In if you close and Reopen VST Connections window, you should probably see the value.

I’m afraid not…


Why can’t the delay be 0ms? The latency by the audio drivers is automagically compensated and thus not reported. Another thing, don’t forget to set your reverb in bypass when you ping it, the ping will get lost in the reverb.

Thanks for your advice!

There seems to be a problem with negative delay values. When I record directly from the reverb (set to 0% mix), the reverb is printed earlier then the original signal. It seems my Octopre ADAT module has lower latency than my Fireface 400. What to do??

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Simple solution use the rme in/outputs.
Or insert a delay before the send to the reverb. There are specialized delays for this but you will have to search.
Or hope that Steinberg ever allows negative delays. But this has been a problem for years and years, so I am not to hopeful.

http://www.voxengo.com/product/sounddelay/ It is free and is exactly what you need.

Thanks a lot! Bit it seems rather odd that Steinberg is not able to fix this. Simple solution it seems…

We have been saying that for years…