External effects favourites

I setup my audio connections to include an external effect processor. I noticed that sometimes when I open a project these settings in the connections window are “forgotten”. I have to set these connections again. There is a “favourites” button in the connections window which (according to the manual) allows you to save the external effects settings. But when I click this button, nothin happens. I would expect to have the option to name and save these settings.

In het other tabs (input / output / control room) there is a preset function to save different settings. Why is there no preset button in the external effects page, and how come my external effect routing settings are not stored correctly?

The same happens on my (2) systems.

Good question.
In my opinion there’s even more issues with the “Audio Connections”-setup. For instance; at startup Nuendo remembers the input-/outputpatch, but has forgotten to include the downmix-presets which should be linked with the CRM-output-presets…
I’ve sent a couple of support tickets to Steinberg, but no luck so far. Though, a couple of days ago I managed to draw the attention of a very willing support engineer at Steinberg, and I presented him my list of bugs and “omissions”.

I think your issues with the External FX-favourites is related to the above “Audio Connections”-setup, and I’ll report them to my contact as well.
BTW: Nice weather today in Holland, isn’t it? :wink:

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I’ve pointed these things out more than once over many years, but Steinberg completely ignores the requests for improvements to this area. I don’t think anyone has looked at the audio connections screens for years - it really needs a rewrite.

Same here. Very, very frustrating.

I totally agree. I hope I can convince the developers @ Steinberg.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

At least it is good to know that I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Hopefully the audio connections screen will have a rewrite in an upcoming update.

Improved functionality is definitely needed in the audio connections area! There are some workarounds, with saving copies of the externalFX XML file etc. But it’s so tedious and clumsy and takes almost as much time as just manually reassigning all the i/o.