External Effects I/Os should save with the Project part XV

I’d love to get a moderator or developer to join this particular discussion. Why exactly has this not been rectified in the near decade I’ve been asking about it? I’ve posted several threads about it now, and several people who have the same problem will usually chime in.

Except for the one dude who doesn’t understand the problem showing up and telling me I don’t understand how external effects work.

Lately I have finally had some time to work on some of my own projects (as opposed to those of my clients). It was done in Cubase 7.5, and I quickly noticed that Pro 9 isn’t totally compatible with it, so I am finishing the record up using 7.5. You know what’s really wonderful about that? It is that I can use Pro 9 to get work done for the current batch of clients, then I can go back to my own record without having to click though the external effect I/Os (or remember to put a saved External Effects xml file in the app data prior to booting - which is the only work around)

Please, can someone from Steinberg join this discussion?

So we’re at 9.5 now and this issue still hasn’t been taken care of. I too have been frustrated by this for years now. It simply makes no sense that if you use a hardware i/o for an external fx, then use it for recording in another project, then go back to the previous project, you have to reconfigure the fx i/os. It should work like in Pro Tools where the complete i/o settings are saved with the project.

Steinberg seems to somehow assume that users set up their external fx with specific hardware i/os and leave it like that forever. That may work for somebody who has 64 hardware i/os at their disposal, but not if you have 8 or 16.

Please, Steinberg, if you can do the fancy automation curves I am sure you can do this as well.




3 years no one wants to discuss this!