External effects...please bring to feature parity with Studio One

I am a diehard Cubase loyalist going back to Cubase 5 VST (22 years!) but I have recently been doing much more hybrid mixing and there are external effects updates that Cubase really needs such as a dry/wet knob, adjusting delay compensation down to the sample, the ability to natively throw a stereo device into mid/side mode and (last but not least) the ability to add a photo of the external device with either a photo that acts as a default or on a project by project basis for easy reference to recall settings. Studio one has implemented all of this (except m/s) since 2019 : Pipeline XT: Integrating Outboard In Studio One

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The delay for external inserts in Cubase is calculated automatically if you use the external FX in the audio connections tab. (you “loose” those ins and outs anyway)
I agree with the snapshot for the outboard, its very vey handy to keep it, meanwhile i use this free tool as an insert for some tracks Snapshot 2.

Yes, and it works a treat but if they introduce a wet/dry knob they’ll really have to add some granularity just to make sure there are no phasing issues. Thanks for the tip about Snapshot!