External effects routing Alesis FireWire mixers


I am trying to wrap my head around routing to an external effects unit with my setup.

Cubase 7.5
Mac osx 10.7.5
Alesis fw8
Alesis fw16

I have the 8 channel mixer submixed into the 16 through the 2trk outputs and inputs.

I am trying to setup a send and return with an external effect that can be used on both mixers and with system audio (vst’s. Etc)

I have read through how to set up an external effect, but I am not sure how to route the output into the effects unit.

I have the mixers setup as an aggregate device. There are 26 inputs and 4 outputs. I have the 8 channel mixer primarily used as a drum machine mixer and the 16 for synths. System audio is running through the 8, which is them bussed into the 16.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m a bit confused as to the hardware your using and the goal exactly but will try to give this a shot. If your setting up an external effects unit in cubase, you need to dedicate a digital input and an output in cubase (or 2 of each for stereo) to that given effect unit or rack of effect units. This would allow you to use it as a plugin on any given track in CB. Once you have set that up it can be used just like any VST effect in CB, although you may have to deal with delay compensation and such. Not quite sure what you mean by wanting to use it with both mixers though… You would either use it on an input or output track in CB.

I guess I’m not being super clear, sorry

I am confused as to how to run the output from my mixer into the external effect. Let’s say I use one of the main outputs from the 8 channel Alesis to the effect, and do a return in stereo to the 16. Whatever I have plugged into the 8 channel mixer automatically comes out of the main mix and goes to the external effect, regardless of how I route it in Cubase.

I have the 2 Alesis mixers configure in OSX as an aggregate device. 26 in and 4 out. I have them setup so I can do live monitoring, as they are connected to my stereo.

I am trying to use one of the main outs on the 8 as the effect send, but like I said, it passes the audio from the 8 inputs through to the external effects.

I think I am just going to get another audio interface that is strictly setup as an effects send.