External effects: Will this ever be fixed?

I use quite a few external effects.
Cubase does not save the routing when I open a new project even though I have attempted to save the routing as part of a Template many times.
I use an aggregate device of My HDSPe Madi and and Eventide H9000.
I also have a ton of outboard effects that are routed digitally through a patch bay and my SSL Matrix into channels 16-32 of the HDSP and 16 channels of EFX coming from the H9000.
Cubase does not remember these routings except sometimes it remembers the ones going into my HDSPe. Sometimes.
This makes using external effects a huge pain in the ass as I have to reconnect the routings every time I open a new project.
Is this something that will ever be addressed?
External effects works great when properly routed and makes a huge difference in the sound.
But when 2 AM rolls around and the choice is between using a plug in that is immediate or once again having to reroute the external effects, invariably out of laziness I use the plugin.
A little help please?

External Effects / Audio Connections have been talked about quite a bit, was hoping to see it improved myself in V11 but tis not the case.

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just to list a few

Anyways, your External FX should not be resetting/clearing every time you start a new project.

do this test for me just to be clear and reduce what is maybe going on.

1.) Start a completely new fresh empty project not based on a template.

2.)As a test, route a few of the external fx how you would want them (just do a few as a test)

3.) Save this project.

4.) Close this project and Cubase.

5.) Restart Cubase

6.) Again, start a completely new empty project

7.) Are the External FX you routed still there?

Same thing here … it’s so frustrating. I need to re-route everything every time I open a project or delete the connections one by one and add the favourites back in.