External EFX IO presets please!

Well, I bought it Cubase 13 (updated it actually) expecting they would address this issue in this new version, but not. The main reason I can’t use Cubase is I Can’t use the same I/O for my mic pre and my external EFX, I have a patch bay I use with my outboard gear which make me share the same I/O for recording and mixing.
Please fix that so I can come back to use Cubase again. It’s 2023 guys. Time to be able to save the External presets I/Os!!!
If you use external gear like me don’t buy Cubase 13 yet.
I’ll make a Youtube video about it soon…
A good thing would be allow us to use the same I/O connections on the input/output and external EFX sessions. It’s been years I’m waiting for this issue to be fix it.
If some good soul out there know how to work around it I’ll leave Logic forever.
thank you everyone


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you describe the bug, please?

Hello Martin, thank you.

The problem is simple, I configure my inputs to record, let’s say line in 1, 2, 3, and 4. In my external patchbay I have connected also the return of my analog gear to 1, 2, 3 and 4. If I select these inputs in the " External EFX" I/O, it will deselect them in my input session and vice versa. The problem here is I can’t share the same set of I/O for the “Input/Output” and " External EFX" simultaneously. I would have to configure them every time I want to use my external hardware units over and over again. Creating a template doens’t solve this problem ether, once I go from recording to mixing with the same session.
In other DAWS I can use the same sets of I/O for send and return and record inputs and outputs.
I hope this is clear…
thank you for your interest.


This is not a bug. It works as specified this way.

Nuendo can use one Audio Port for multiple I/O busses.

Well, this is a deal breaker for people like me that uses external hardware to record and mix in the same session.
I already upgraded to cubase 13…well…
thank you anyway