External EQ setup

Ok, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Someone please clue me in here. I’m trying to use an external EQ in Reaper.

I have a snare track (panned center), and I want to use an external EQ on it. My interface is a two-channel UR22. I know it’s limiting, but if I’m working with a mono insert like this, it should be doable (I would think). This is what I’ve done:

  1. On the snare track (Track 1), I open the Send/Receive window and disable Master/Parent Send.

  2. I open “Add new hardware output” and select my interface’s L channel (1). I set it for pre-fader.

  3. I patch a cord from my interface’s output 1 to my EQ’s input. I patch a cable from the EQ’s output to input 2 of my interface.

  4. I create a new return track (Track 2) and select my interface’s input 2 as the source and put it in record mode with monitor on.

Ok … so … what I want is to be able to monitor only the EQ’ed track — not the original at all. I was hoping that disabling the Parent send and setting it to pre-fader would accomplish this. But that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening.

My UR22 has a mix knob on the front labeled Input/DAW. This is supposed to be panning between your DAW’s output and the input signal(s) taken straight after the input jacks.

When I have the UR22 Mix knob set fully to DAW, I can hear the dry snare on the left of my phones, and the EQ’ed snare follows the pan knob of Track 2.

When I have the knob set fully to Input, I hear nothing at all.

When I have the knob set to the middle, I get a mono image. It’s hard to tell if I’m hearing the dry snare too (I think so, because it’s there when I bypass the EQ, but that could just mean the signal is going through the EQ but not affecting it), but I know I’m hearing the EQ’ed snare because I can hear the changes when I move the EQ knobs. But when I pan the return snare track (Track 2), it doesn’t pan from L to R. It seems to maybe get a little louder toward the middle and quieter on the hard L and R positions.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on here?

And/or can someone tell me how to do what I want to do (see above … “Ok…so … what I want…”)?