External Firewire Drives aren't recognised via firewire Hub


I am forced to use a Firewire Hub, so that all my firewire devices work with my single mac book firewire slot.
So i have two -Seagate- external harddrives that arent recognised via my firewire hub-
My question is:

  1. Does anyone know what are the issues?
  2. Does anybody know a external firewire drive that works with a hub ?


As a general rule drives do work through a fw hub, so I would check a few things -

  • does anything work through that hub?
  • does that hub require external power?
  • are you trying to power a drive through the hub?
  • or your particular drives do not work through a hub but that would be rare.

Good luck,

Hey Hugh,


  1. could not check, if anything works, cause i just have 1 firewire device-> my seagate- (i have the UAD duo sattelite, but this will not at all work with a hub (see manual) so that this goes directly into my mac, then the hub into the 2nd firewire slot in the uad.
    2.my hub has external power
    3.dont know if i try to power…- it should work, because i feel and hear, that my external drive is going to work (the spinning or so inside), but it just wont recognise…
  2. seagate says it should work…but none of my two drives does…neither trhough a firewire or a usb hub.(i can choose if i ad the firewire or the usb adapter…)

so my general problem is:
using a firewire external drive and! a UAD Sattelite Duo with ONE Firewire slot on my MACbookPro
-ANYONE a solution for this particular problem?-


No that is not the case.
I have a MacBookPro and just 1 Fw SLot.
My Firewire external harddrives work perfectly,when connected directly to the fw-slot- but wont work at all when connected to the Fw/usb-hub.

So, is there maybe a different option than a fw-hub?
like a Firewire adapter for the Sd-Card slot or something like this?