External font not working after restart

I’m having trouble with an external clarinet fingering font. The font is ClarFinger.dfont from http://myke.trecento.com/fonts/

Things were working ok, but Dorico started behaving oddly after a while and I quit and restarted my computer, and now it doesn’t seem to recognize the font, though the font is still installed. I added fingerings using the text tool and had to choose “bold” to get the key glyphs, but now bold is just bold even thought the font still says ClarFinger.

Before and after restart:

I really don’t know anything about fonts, but the glyphs are located under “basic private use area” when you look at the font within the playing techniques designer, if that’s useful info:

Any idea what happened or what to do?

Well… Font Book itself is crashing every time I try to start it, even after deleting the ClarFinger font. Should I update my OS? I’m still only on Sierra 10.12.6 because of Finale.

Could you attach the project in which you’ve been using the ClarFinger font so I can take a look at it?

Hi Daniel - sorry I missed your reply. The problem was actually fixed by updating OS to Mojave so all’s good and fonts are displaying fine.

All’s well that ends well, as someone or other once said.

That would be William, Shaker of the Speare.