External FX and Speaker Configuration

If I use External FX in the master section, then speaker out # 2 is muted (MAIN speaker out # 1 works properly). As soon as I bypass External FX → speaker out # 2 plays, it does not work only when External FX is active. Problem with Wavelab ver 10.0.60 and 10.0.70. Try using External FX and then switching between Speaker conf # 1 and Speaker Conf # 2 if you also have a problem. My configuration: Windows 10 Pro x64 20H2.

Could it be that you use the same audio port for the External FX and the Speaker Out #2 ?

No this is not the case. I use Antelope Orion 32+ Gen3. Here is my configuration:
Speaker OUT 1: OUT 1-2
Speaker OUT 2: OUT 23-24
External FX 1: Send 25-26, RET 25-26
External FX 2: Send 31-32, RET 31-32
External FX 3: Send 29-30, RET 29-30

Note: When I switch from Speaker Conf # 1 to Speaker Conf # 2, the signal appears for a few ms (about 5 ms ??) and then mutes the Speaker Conf # 2 output.

You mean, when you activate the Bypass button on the plugin window?

yes that’s exactly what i mean. Bypas on External FX plugin window.

Hello Philippe,

Maybe it helps. I have another clue: when I switch monitorinig to SPEAKER CONF # 2, then External FX SEND is muted. If I have selected SPEAKER CONF # 1 → External FX SEND / RETURN is active.

I installed Wavelab 11 today and the problem persists. To better illustrate, I have created a short video to show the problem. Hope it helps. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AuaxI2P1xnIjo0VXQ2MPwcZYVAhu?e=JwRCs0

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