External FX bypass while rendering

I use the External FX plugin on the clip level, and record to a new track.
When rendering that resulting track as a file it does a real-time render. This is the case when I bypass the External FX plugin as well. Its only when I remove the External FX plugin that I can get it to render quickly (with progress bar at bottom instead of popup with waveform).
Is there any way to get around this?

Currently no, sorry.

This is another good case for adding ability to deactivate a montage track, and re-activate it again if needed.

It’s also a good case to suggest using a Reference Track to feed the analog gear and record back to a normal track. I never cared for the External FX plugin method.

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Thanks @PG1 , its not a big deal. Since I put external fx send last in my clip fx chain I’ve found that I can instead just put a single instance of the external fx on the track level so removing it is less tedious.

And yes thanks @Justin_P , I’ve thought of that too but if i remember correctly a reference track isn’t routed to the output section. The output section is where I put my loudness processing, and I like making clip fx + hw chain decisions while listening through the limiters, saturators, etc.

Unless I’m missing something and you can route reference tracks through the output section too.

There is usually more than one way to do things in WaveLab but with the way I suggested, you can put plugins in the Montage Output section to monitor through them but not commit to them.

When dialing things in through the analog chain, I usually have a reference limiter in the Montage Output section that I’m hearing but is not part of the capture back to digital and can be fine tuned before rendering the actual master version.

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