External FX Cubase 12

Is External effects and RME UFX+ buggy?
I had this work a couple of days but then…
Took me half a day to set it up but…it doesn’t work any longer

Now I simply cant make an FX insert on the masterbus work properly. It will be to complicated to write about my problem (and to long and boring)
Im not allowed to include a link to a video I made about my problem…::frowning:

If yo PM me I could send you a link to the video its only 70 seconds long :slight_smile:

Is there a really good tutorial on external FX (I have googled but found nothing that i detailed and helpful…

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I have increase your trust level on the forum. Now you should be able to post the link to the video here.

There are no negative latency values possible. Stop this bullshit please.
Learn physics.

Then there is something wrong in your setup.
The ping is a simple delay measurement with an audio impulse.
If everything is set up correct, it will measure something.
It just works on many systems out there.

That is true only when you can trust the value reported from the ASIO driver in use. And actually many audio interfaces report latency that includes analogue conversion processes and in that case, negative value is possible. Cubendo cannot detect such, it sets the value to 0 in that case.