External FX Cubase pro 11

I posted this in the UR824 page but figured I’d check here too. I’ve seen videos where this is easily accomplished but will not work on my system no matter what I try. Thanks in advance

"Hey guys had a question regarding using my distortion pedal as an external effect as I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Hopefully I’m just missing something stupid but something seems off. My current setup has my x0xb0x audio going through the pedal and into the UR824 audio input with no issues at all so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. My problem comes when I try to send a signal from a VST in Cubase 11 to the pedal, then back into Cubase via external fx. Doesn’t work in Ableton either. My setup is, audio from output 3 on the UR 824 into the pedal, then back into input channel 8 on the UR 824. The only thing I’ve changed is audio from my external synth to an output on the interface. I have an external fx setup in audio connections sending audio from 3 and coming back on 8 so I think that’s correct. Any ideas on why this is happening? "


Could you attach a screenshot of the settings, MixConsole and the External Plug-in in use, please?

Here’s how I currently have it. I’ve also tried making a FX channel and sending it to that but still nothing.


Are you sure the “Mix 2” and “Mix 3” are the right outputs? Shouldn’t it be rather Analog Out 2/3?

This is what my connections look like. I wasn’t sure about the “mix” outputs either but that’s where I have my output to my monitors so I just assumed. I’m guessing they consider the 8 outputs, 4 sets of stereo outs? So mix 1 is channels 1/2, mix 2 channels 3/4 etc. That screenshot last night should’ve been mix 2 L/R, I just added them quick and must’ve missed it. I also tried using the DAW outputs as well. I just opened up the UR824 interface with cubase closed and it calls them Analog on there. One other thing, I don’t have access to the hardware tab in the mix console racks since I updated to C11 so not sure if theres something there

You need to set up a return. Your sending a signal to a pedal, it’s gotta loop back around. Why not keep it simple and use fx bus

Maybe I’m misunderstanding but, I have an FX track setup with the pedal as an insert. I then send my output from the VST to that fx channel correct? Thats works fine when I use plugins but with the external pedal I get a very high pitched scream. It does show an put signal on the interface and on that channel, although very quiet. Edit * I’ve used the Hi-Z button on and off and the pad button on and off. Seeming like its related to this


As far as I know, the Mix 2 refers to the settings of the Mix 2 in the dspMixFx UR824. So you would need to set the Mix 2 here so, it’s routed to the output 3-4.

The UR824 FX Bus L/R are routed over the internal UR824 DSP unit, as far as I know. So I wouldn’t use this one.

Do you have any ideas why the hardware option is no longer in the rack in the C11 update?

I just tried removing one of my monitors and hooking the pedal up to that output to see what that did. Same high pitched scream when it’s coming back into the interface. Am I just using a wrong setting on my input channel? This is something that seems so simple to do in theory but man this is driving me nuts.

Edit: I took the output cable that goes to my monitor and plugged it into the output of my pedal and from the interface output to my pedal input. Works as it should. This isn’t making sense :man_facepalming: