External FX delay compensation--dynamic changes?

So, my understanding of the External Effects delay compensation is that the value is in addition to whatever buffer based or plug in based compensation is needed. And yet, when I click the button to check at various times in the project…I get different values. Mind you, not terribly different. But, different. Why would this be?

In theory, it would mean the external device itself varies in latency–and for the effects, I could buy that…but, the analog compressors? Analog SansAmp? Ehh…I don’t buy that it varies by 20 samples at different times in the mix process.

Any ideas?

Are you checking the external device in bypass ?
I thought the delay was reported in ms not samples?
Does it still report differing times when linked with a simple loopback?

Yes, unit in bypass.

Yes, different times, even with the analog unit. Though, I’ve not done a straight wire loop. The digital connections…? I mean, I guess you can just loop at ADAT or SPDIF cable…I assume the suggestion is for diagnostic purposes? Since that would be the biggest workflow killer ever…

Mind you not different times if you repeatedly click it…but, from one power up to the next…I basically have to check every time I open a project after powering down–occasionally, it’s the same, but it seems to store the compensation value not with the application, but with the project. So, if you worked on a project three days ago that required “IO #1” an additional .46ms, then open it currently where .26 is needed, it doesn’t autochange that–it puts the .46 back until you check it again…OR change buffer sizes, which should be in the basic engine IO compensation accounting.

And yes-it reads in Milliseconds, not samples.

Hmm… Interesting!

Loopback should work with digital (I think?)

some random variable going on there!

an accounted for buffer?

I think if you get the same result with a loopback (to eliminate the external) the only other possibility is internal to the system up to that point! (Sherlock)

Do you use external FX? …and don’t see the same behavior? Or do…?

I do sometimes use external FX (not for a while though) I have never noticed a problem, although I do not use digital connections when using external FX.

Unfortunately I do all my posting from home where I do not have my studio, otherwise I would test.

Yes, I have seen this behavior, where the ms number varies withing a 5 ms range as you setup the buss. My experience is to check the latency at the moment just before usage of the Ext Buss. It always works correctly for me but I did experience what you are referring to and it bothered me a bit. I have no explanation but I would love to hear a credible one from Steinberg. :confused:

I will say that in the GRAND scheme…it’s not a HUGE issue right now, because my “full time” external FX are time based FX, which don’t require phase accuracy. But, this is a big decision point for me moving forward, because I have two potential new (io) systems designed–one, the ONLY benefit is having enough IO to permanently wire up all the analog rack. (right now I just have generic inserts defined that I patch via analog cable)

It was brought to my attention due to an inadvertent incorrect setting in my KSP8 that for some reason decided to start including some percentage of dry signal–reeking absolute HAVOC on a set of mixes, as I’m panning into the verb (send does NOT follow pan)…so the inclusion of dry signals time delayed by the compensation was…well, you can imagine.

So, right now, and with one of the new system options, I patch in generic inserts on an as needed basis in the analog world–so, checking at the time=not a problem. But, if I can’t have it solid and will HAVE to check every time I call a mix up for recall, it’s going to make my decision for me to NOT go with the system where I define all the inserts individually in Cubase for the analog gear. I really would love to have that functionality…but, if I’ve got to check it, I’ll take the system design with the better, but less channel conversion-you know?