External FX dropout


My external effects reverb unit (Lexicon PCM92) stopped sending audio thru Cubase suddenly today. was working fine previously. Deleted and re-added it in the Exernal FX tab and it shows an ‘x’ next to it, I seem to recall it used to have two slashes as its icon previously, but I may be wrong. The reverb unit receives a signal but it does not seem to be coming back into Cubase. The delay also does work anymore. Attached are screen shots.

Here’s the info on my setup:

Cubase 10.5.5
iMac 3.2 Intel Core i5, OS 10.14.6 (Mojave)
Audio interface: Apollo x8

Can anyone help please?
much appreciated!!


Could you double check Cubase is listed in the System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Microphone, please?

Dear Martin,

Thanks for your reply! Yes, it is listed there under the System Preferences.

I switched out my audio interface and linked up via AES, and now it’s working fine. However my previously listed problem seems to be affecting analogue input/output, which was how I was routed before. any ideas what this may be? many thanks once more for your time!


Sorry, what exactly do you mean?