External FX - dry direct audio in Right channel


I’ve finally patched my outboard FX and want to use it in my future projects.

My issue is that the dry audio is coming directly through the right return channel.

I tried to remove all patching in the Audio Connection, but the dry audio is still there. It should be dead silent by then, but no.

Anyone got any idea? :slight_smile: Thanks

You ˋre obviously doing something wrong…
If everything in Cubase is correct, the hardware setup must be it, in which case youre in the wrong forum.
Try to give some useful information on your setup, then someone can try to give some useful advice… :unamused:

Ok, I’m sure that my problem is inside Cubase because I tried to run Cubase with the internal soundcard on my computer, and it’s the same.
But here’s what I’ve done:
Plugged my Lex MPX550 to output 5 on RME Fireface800, and input 7-8.
I added External FX in the Audio Connections and set the output and input to 5 and 7-8.
I then add an FX channel and activate the External plug-in, and the send audio from another channel to it, just like I do with the internal fx.

I’ve added some screenshots. I’ve actually unplugged the cables to the Ext. FX but the dry audio is still there.

Then certainly your totalmix routing is wrong.

No, that’s not the problem. I tried with the internal audio interface and also with my Focusrite Scarlett, and the issue is still there

You are inserting the plugin on a stereo channel, arenˋt you?
You need to make the send of the external FX in Cubase stereo then.

That was it! Why didn’t I think about that?

Thanks alot