EXTERNAL FX Favorites selection not working/not loading in project

Dear fellow Cubassists (I just coined that term): I think any of us integrated hardware Cubase users are already all too familiar with the dreaded state of affairs in the steamy hot using-Cubase-with-external-FX pain pot. It sucks. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind having to delete my external FX routing to record and then reload external FX when mixing (looking annoyingly at you Steinberg) if the blasted “Favorites” option would work for me but it doesn’t. I mean, it will save them correctly, but then when I inevitably have to delete them and then try to load them back up via the “Favorites” tab where they and their lengthily associated i/o routings are clearly saved, they assuredly reappear in the external FX menu but then they do not appear as plugins under the External FX section of the insert FX slots on the channel strips. In order to get them to reappear in the insert FX menus on the mixer as available options I have to first delete them all completely and then manually recreate new versions of all of them and then re-route all the i/o manually, and it’s DRIVING ME NUTS. Am I doing something wrong or is this broken and will it ever be fixed?

Cubase 10.5.2
Apollo firewire interface (works perfectly with windows)
Windows 10
A bunch of hardware FX processors


Help please???