External FX in master section do not work when using mono files?

I’m trying to set up external effects for some mono dialog work…

  1. Set up inputs/outputs

  2. Load external effect into master section

  3. Hit play

  4. During playback, open RME mixer, and notice there is absolutely no meter movement… and only silence.

    If I use stereo files, I have meter movement in the rme mixer, but mono files, only silence… no meter movement, nothing.



Do you have the same setup for mono and stereo files
with External Gear and how do you route this?
I’m using RME Fireface 800 so I can try here with WL 11

regards S-EH

Yeah, I just set up a single stereo external gear plugin.

I have an RME HDSPe AIO. Spdif outputs L&R → D/A converter… then A/D converter → AES inputs L&R.

I was using a montage, with one single mono track in it.

Yes I think you are right about stereo plays back fine
but not mono with external effects, works in bypass mode!
so this must be a bug.
Someone else?

regards S-EH

Thanks for confirming… I think you’re right that it’s a bug. Hopefully PG will make a fix for it soon.

Mono External FX support will be fixed in the upcoming WaveLab 11.0.20.


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Thanks PG!