External FX in third position does not work

Whatever external FX is in the third slot of Prefs>Audio Connections, doesn’t work - if you select that third FX from the dropdown list in the External FX plugin it is using the IO of whatever is in the second slot. So in this example when I send to the Reverb 4000, Wavelab is still using the IO assigned to the Sowter. I’ve tried every possible ordering of these three units and of course have triple-checked IO, but it’s always the same. Whatever unit is in third position doesn’t work. This is on Windows 11 with Wavelab 11.2…0

Very disappointed to find this bug still exists in Wavelab 12 … am I the only person with more than two External FX ?!?

I can’t reproduce this issue, as just tested with WaveLab 12.
When you change the audio connection settings, you should remove the External FX plugin, and insert it again (or simply reload WaveLab).

As you can see from the date of the first post I’ve had this issue for more than 6 months across two major WL versions. Reloading WL doesn’t fix it and it’s 100% reproducible for me every time.

Yes, WaveLab does not handle the 3rd item is any special way.
I have no clue, as this works properly on my system.

Not reproducible here either.
Tested with 12.0.10 and 11.2
Windows 10.

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Might it be because I am using two soundcards, both RME HDSPe AIO

It’s not possible to use two soundcards at the same time with WL.

regards S-EH

Can’t confirm if that’s the cause, sorry.
I’m using a single card (MOTU 24i/o)

It definitely is, at least if they are the same cards

Ok I stand corrected!
Have you asked RME could it be driver or sync issue
does it work with other software as one unit?

regards S-EH

Yes it works fine in Cubase, etc., and fine in Wavelab as far as I can see. It was just a suggestion that it might be the cause of this issue because it is looking like the cause must be specific to my setup and I can’t think of anything else unusual in my setup other than this

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