External FX Issue-Solved

SOLVED: Didn’t know you have to go through Steinberg Main Menu to get to the External Effects. Thought “External Effects” would be a Menu. :blush:

I have set up External Effects in my VST Connections:

However, Plug-in Information doesn’t show them with inputs or outputs:

They are not showing up as options for Inserts. :question:

I am not using the External FX input or output Device Ports for anything else in the project.

Does anybody have any insight to what the issue is?

I’d appreciate it.

When you go to insert them into a track do they show up under External effects?

I never even looked in the plugin information window to see if external effects are listed

looks correct ! in this case I will look in your RME HDSP Mix perhaps !

Thanks for your reply The dman.

No, they don’t show up as External Effects.

I’m having this same problem… external fx not showing as an option or sub menu on inserts. maybe i’m not looking in the right place or not turned on the correct option somewhere?

Nevermind, found it:

Inserts> Steindberg > External Plugins