External FX not working correctly

Hi All,

I am struggling with my OTB connection in Cubase.

I use Cubase Pro 10 and RME UC.

I want to send a mono loop to my Avalon chanel strip (VT737SP).

I added an “external FX” (See picture)

I then added the Strip as a INSERT in my mono track. Now the weird stuff starts. When I turn down the volume of all the tracks (see pircture 2) I still hear the loop going. If I bypass the avalon insert then everything is quite. If I have the Avalon insert turned on again and I raise the Volume of “Stereo Out” I get a phasy sound. It is like the sound is doubled and slightly off timing on one of them.

This guy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCdOp4JpY18&t=7s) explains it soooo easy and it works well for him but for me its like everything is wrong.

Really need your help here



Could you attach a screenshot of RME TotalMix, please?


Thanks for helping me out. Here is the picture of Totalmix.

I changed the connecting a bit. See picture! :slight_smile: