External FX not working in Clip effects

I recently upgraded to Wavelab Pro 11 (from elements), and while I am loving most things, I am having an issue with external effects in Clip Effects. As soon as I add an external effect (in this case just a loopback in my sound card - RME UFX) the audio on the clip stops - ie, nothing at the output, nothing at the ‘send’ meter in the external effects dialog box, nothing registering in the preceeding effects in the plugin chain (ProQ3, Gullfoss etc). As soon as I delete the external FX, it works again.

I have tried in other places (Track, Output and Master) and it works as expected. I only see the problem when I add it in Clip effects.

Any suggestions on what could be wrong - from my reading of other posts this generally seems to work for people

Windows 10, RME UFX, Wavelab Pro 11.0.20

This may be a bug… I’m having the exact same problem. External effects works in the master section, but not in clip FX.


More info is needed such as your Audio Connections setup and plugins used (especially high CPU/latency plugins) because generally speaking, this works.

That being said, I don’t care for the external effects plugin method and think using a Reference Track to send audio to the analog chain and a normal Audio Montage track to record back in works better and more like a “normal” DAW.

I’m using the RME HDSPe AIO. Monitoring on the AES output. External effects are using the SPDIF output, and the AES inputs.

As far as external effects, yeah, I’m getting pretty frustrated with them. If certain plug-ins are in the chain, when rendering, I get glitches at the beginning or end of the rendered file… I was hoping using external effects would allow me to use one computer, but I’m thinking of going back to my previous set up with two computers. This way, I can load the problematic effects on the other computer and run them in real time and just capture into Wavelab for any final processing .

Your idea of using the reference track to send audio to the Analog chain is interesting. I may give that a try also.

Thanks Justin!

Thanks Justin and Todd

I’m away on holidays at the moment, but I will check out your suggestions when I get home.

What I am trying to achieve is to run each clip on my montage through a few plugins ( mostly proQ3, maybe bassroom, gullgoss) then send to my tape machine and bounce back to a new track on the montage for more processing/final limit etc. External effects seemed a good idea at the time, but just playing out via a different bus will achieve the same thing

A separate issue I’m facing is dealing with the latency in bouncing via the tape. In Cubase, the delay compensation deals with it really well, but Wavelab is a different story. I’d like everything aligned so that the cd markers are relevant across all tracks, and so far this seems to need manual intervention. Any suggestions.

To be honest, I think this is an area that needs to be improved with WaveLab, but maybe PG can weigh in on that to be sure. In the settings there is a way to offset recorded files by a certain amount but I don’t think it’s smart enough to always stay in perfect sync based on whatever the plugin chain is doing.

From just a working standpoint, I found that I need to use the input monitoring/zero latency option so I hear my changes as I make them but last I checked, that option killed all the internal metering of WaveLab and of course, doesn’t mean the capture from analog will be in perfect sync as the source file as you get in a normal recording/mixing DAW like Cubase or REAPER.

Hello! I have the same problem - sometimes External FX has no sound when I load it on Clip FX, but when I remove it and reload it, sometimes it works. A bigger problem for me is that when I put External FX on Track FX and press render, the program crashes and shuts down. When I move External FX to Output FX, it starts working normally. I haven’t had this problem with WaveLab Pro 10, it’s only now on WaveLab Pro 11.
WaveLab Pro 11.0.20, Windows 10 Pro, RME HDSP 9632 - driver ver 4.30 - 02/07/2020, Mainboard GA-Z97X-UD3H rev 1.0, Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600, Intel(R) Core™ i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz, RAM 16GB DDR3, Universal Audio UAD-2 QUAD

Same Problem. Been experiencing this for several weeks. Just had to throw out 4 hours of work and go back to wavelab 10 and recreate. How can a mastering software have a bug in the plugin that sends to the analog chain. Seriously Steinberg? Been using wavelab since version 2. In the 90’s. This may be the last straw

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I have the same problem. The external effect works fine on the master section., but not as a clip effect. there is simply no signal that’s going out when inserted as clip effect.

I’m using Wavelab 11.0.3 build 114, on an iMac running OS X 11.6.4.with an Apogee Symphony 2 interface. It doesn’t work with my prism sound either.

Same probleme here .
is that real ?
did anybody found a solution ?

Hi, any solution to this problem? I have same issue in both Clip and Master section. 3 External effects used after each other, very weird behaviour. I am using Pro Tools HDX interfaces. Also the return signal is lower than usual. This behaviour is in the Montage Window Wavelab Pro 11 .1.10.

Thank you,

I have an external FX problem with Wavelab 11 in the montage as well on clips. When External FX is inserted on the main clip, and there is another clip on a reference track it will not pass sound, but if I move the file on the reference track away from the playhead, it will play sound.