External FX outboard gear routing - use a send/return assignment more than once? Stereo vs. Mono

I’m trying to set up my outboard gear for use in Cubase using the External FX tab. I learned it becomes a problem when wanting to create separate FX for routing to a single channel vs. a dual channel.

A general use-case scenario for this would be two of the same kind of compressors which you may sometimes want to operate completely separately as mono compressors (one for kick and one for snare, for example). Other times you may want to use those same two compressors in stereo-link mode (on your drum bus, for example).

I discovered while setting up my External FX, Cubase will only allow one or the other, but not both, as an option. This is a bit of a bummer when working on a project where you may want to have either option available to you at any given time. Is there a way to work around this? Thank you!

P.S. if it matters I’m running Cubase12 on a MacStudio M2, with an Orion 32+ Gen3 interface.

Check this out:

It worked for me. Basically, you configure your stereo outboard gear as dual mono.

Ah, ok, I figured out how to make that work. I will say I agree with some of the users on that thread that this feels a bit convoluted and a workaround, even if officially it isn’t considered to be. But at least I got it to work. Thanks!

Absolutely. I had been banging my head against this for much longer than I care to admit until I found that thread.

I agree 100% with you. I have some outboard compressors (mono & stereo) and have been using outboard guitar pedals a lot lately (some stereo, some mono). Going in and reconfiguring things had been an extreme headache. And for what purpose? Just needless irritation.

Anyway, I’m glad I found the workaround and glad I could help out.

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