External FX Please Steinberg

Hi Steinberg!

A very simple and yet important feature-request:

PRESETS for External Fx!

If, by any chance you guys guys decide to implement the preset features in there, I would also request the following (and a good justification for that):

independent Left and Right Sends and Return gains (also very simple for you)

The two requests above are simple and important.

I use External Fx for… hardware FX. AND… by tracking to tape.
Many times you may need the inputs dedicated to those External Fx for other things.

So, recalling by preset is important but absent as of now.

The independent L/R control is also important for compensating the stereo going out.

And if you really want to make it a beast of comfort for us, a sine generator in the plugin would be a win too. Also simple, since it’s already there in the plugin bag.



We tried thousand times to ask for external fx implementation. No luck. It seems Steinberg simply doesn’t make money with analog/ hybrid studios.
I lost my hope.

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You may use FX chain presets for this.

You may configure your external stereo FX sends and returns as dual mono and chain the L and R external FX plug-ins to achieve this. For more information, see “External FX Send & Return Bus Assignment Flexibility.”

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Hi guys,

I found a workaround for the preset issue:

  1. Set your External FX list as you want.

  2. Go here:
    C:\Users\your_computer\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 12_64

  3. Copy the External Plugins.xml and save it somewhere else. This is your current setup (and you can make as many presets as you need).

  4. Any time you wish/want/need to get back to your saved setup, simply copy your saved file onto the current one used by Cubase, in that original Roaming folder. If you wish to save what you current have before you replace the file, just copy the current file as before.

However, you need to quit Cubase first. Once Cubase is reopened, you get your ‘preset’ back.

I really wish Steinberg would implement this ridiculously simple ‘save preset’. But this will do it for now.
I hope this helps