External FX Presets

Does anyone know the reason (philosophically or technical) why there are presets for e.g. input and output busses, but not for external effects?

I use a laptop and frequently do bits of work away from my mixing space at home, which involves switching interfaces. Why were they thoughtful enough to give us presets for input/output connections, but make us rebuild external effect connections by hand every time we’ve switched interfaces?? As much as I’d love a truly global preset option (that spans the multiple I/O tabs in VST Connections), I’d be relatively content with a preset option for external effects. Why has this been omitted?

I need this preset function also ) ;

Bloody good idea , this one does bug me , it must be so simple to implement :unamused:

have you made a FR :question:

Maybe I don’t get it, but there is the ‘Favorites’ button in the External FX pane, which works exactly as in the ‘External instruments’ one (see the attachment). :confused:

Now, It’s up to you create, first, a favorite (=preset), using the ‘Add external FX’ button, configure it, then after selecting the external FX just created, using the ‘Favorites’ one. Works perfectly, at least for external instruments (I don’t use external FX, presently).

EDIT : sorry, I didn’t thought, at first, of presets for a whole external FX configuration as there are indeed in the ‘Inputs’ and ‘Outputs’ panes. :blush:

Indeed, this would be welcomed, and also in the ‘External instruments’ one…

Yes you are missing the point .
If you have 16 - 32 devices you have to manually set them up one by one after changing your asio , why not have the same as the I/O busses and CR and work with presets so it loads all external instru/fx at once