External FX return weirdness

I have recently hooked up a few external fx processors= reverbs, delays, harmonizers etc etc. through the VST connections tab. All routing to and from is established (yes, effect is on a “inserted” on a stereo fader so it is a “send & return” effect channel.)
The problem I am having is that any signal I send to any of the external effects shows up as a dry signal also on the effect return fader, but only on the right side . So I get the effect, with extra original signal on the right side of the return. Happens with any unit. Seems very bizarre. I’ve tried everything. Any ideas anyone?

thx in advance

Mono in, stereo out?

Check the FX send Panning/routing.

yes, mono in, stereo out.

Check the FX send Panning/routing

I have, numerous times. All is in order. I setup the FX channel,the signal flow is the same for each effect, mono send out the designated VST connection, returned via L/R designated VST connections, effect shows up as inserted on the appropriate FX channel. Send signal from source channel, say snare, solo the effect return, the effect is there but also with snare drum dry signal panned to the right side. Happens with any outboard effect, any channel FX setup, every time.

The send panning needs to be set to hard left.

I’m sorry, but I see no “pan” for the effects send. It’s a mono send off the channel I’m sending from, not a “stereo” send.
It goes out a single(mono)VST connection via my audio interface to the rackmount effects mono input, returns stereo via two audio connections routed to two VST connections to the appropriate FX channel, showing as inserted on that FX channel I setup. I have no issues like this with internal FX.
For reference, I’m using a Mac OS 10.4.11 and running Cubase 4.5.2.

Check you interface routing (whichever that is…) if available.

In the expanded channel “e” button, right click and select the send routing, this will show you the send panning, set the send pan to hard left.

It seems that the return channel is getting the direct signal from the right component of the send channel, which is always stereo.

As a reference, I had this problem with external FX when set up as a mono in stereo return and that is the solution.
The right component of the send is still routed internally, hence the right hand dry signal appearing at the fx return channel.

Aha! I never saw those “e” expanded option of features before, at least not for the FX channels. Never paid them much attention.
I did not find a “pan” feature for the send,BUT, there is a clickable line setting connecting from top to bottom for L and R, and the R at the top was connected to the R at the bottom, but not the Left, when I unclicked that, all was normal. I looked at the other internal FX channel settings with this feature and noticed that is how they are set(no connecting line from Left or Right down to L or R) as default, so that helped also. I seem to have found the solution in part to your suggestion of the expanded “e” settings. Thanks much!!!


Yeah, that’ll do it to :slight_smile: