External FX saved with project? Is it possible?

Is it possible to have external effects automatically saved with each project? I rewire my external hardware a lot, so every song is different. Because of this, I am constantly rewiring the external effects in each project. OR - if I am working within a single project and I load an older version of that same project, suddenly my external effect routing is lost. Then I come back to the new project, and everything sounds messed up because all of the routings are screwed up.

Anyway… if external FX routings were saved with each project, this would not be a problem for me. Is this possible to do somehow?

Aloha t,

Speaking as a real MIDIot here (and I may be wrong)
but isn’t this a job for ‘System Exclusive’ messages"?

Each external device generates an individual SE message that then
gets saved/recorded with each song in your DAW.

Keep in mind you have to set up separate tracks just for saving SE info.

That way when each song loads, it sends out an individual
SE message to each external device which then configures
itself to the way you last had it set.


As far as I can tell from that article, the I/O isn’t saved in the “Favorites” . The author recommends a screen shot of the I/O settings.

Aloha Man may have the answer for you, nonetheless. I know even less than he so humbly says he does!

I have mixed feelings about this…by enabling this, it means you can’t configure your studio and have it STAY. And, for me–that’s more important. It already irks me that if I have an input assigned somewhere (which it DOES store with the project) it steals it from my now permanent external FX config.

How much do you rewire? Maybe the answer is to buy more IO. I mean, analog eq/compression you’re gonna need to print back into the project for recall anyway (and would have recall value, since the unit itself has no recall)…are you dynamically patching aux type FX?

If I’m reading it right from Curteye try unchecking Preferences/midi filters/sysex if you haven’t done so already.

Most of the hardware I am talking about does not have MIDI control.

Anyway… this would be a nice feature request I think. I would like to request an “option” to either:

  1. Use the default “External FX” routings, or
  2. A check a box that makes that particular project save and use it’s own “External FX” routings rather than the default. That way I can have them different for every song if I want… and people that want only one setup can configure the default and leave it that way permanently if they like.

I’ll start a new thread to post this.