External FX - Saving the Routing for my studio?

Is it not currently possible in Cubase 9 to save the routing for External FX!?

It seems to remember the names of the external FX units… but forgets all routing if I happen to use my laptop outside my normal studio setup.

For example (if I am always running cubase in the studio with my 2 Apollos with 2 ADAT interfaces) it seems to remember everything. However if I bring my laptop to my bands rehearsal space and use their audio interface for the night, then come back to my studio, it forgets all the routing.

Anyway so I don’t have to manually put this routing in every time?

Yep it’s a pain, I had a ADAT optical cable go bad, and all assigned in/outs got jumbled.
Would be nice being able to export the settings for safe keeping.
I have now properly labeled the I/O’s in Cubase, labeled the cables, outboard gear and made a diagram that is taped to my Rack.