External FX settings file

Hi everyone,

I work in a hybrid system using the outboards in insert a lot.
I have 16 Adat I/O when working at 48 KHz and half (8 Adat I/O) when working on projects at 96 KHz. When I switch from one project to another, I always constantly have the problem of setting the External FX, because obviously everything is wrong.
Since, despite repeated requests, Steinberg has categorically refused to implement such a thing as clearing the presets of this section, I was wondering if it could be done manually. Is there a setting file that can be replaced as needed at each sample rate change? Obviously by reloading Cubase. I think that’s the only workaround at the moment. Or forever, since the Steinberg developers just don’t want to do this thing.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone, please?