External FX???

I have a studio with 32 I/O (which is a decent amount these days) …but still not enough to do both tracking and mixing exclusively on different channels. External FX assignments don’t let you share/re-purpose input or output channels.

So every time I record something I use my input assignments, then when it comes time to mix and send stuff through my gear I have to re-assign everything.

Is there a better way?
(Why can’t external FX behave so they just over-ride Input channels when yo use them? That would be much better.)

1+ to this.

This one has been bugging for a while now. I too have to go through this time consuming process of having to re-assign inputs and fx’s.

At a minimum at least give us External FX presets!!
…I really don’t understand how this isn’t addressed/fixed by now.

I guess no one out there still using hardware to mix?
Everybody is using these ‘plugins’ things I keep hearing about?

Yes, but before this… i suggest to turn safe this function. On my configuraiton, it’s impossible to use “external FX”…

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