External FX

Has anyone successfully connected their analog chain using the External FX? I am using 3-4 for send port and 5-6 for return port but it sounds like a feedback when I load the External FX plugin on MAC 10.13.6.

Where in WaveLab do you insert this External FX?

Could it be a setting in the Hilo’s routing software set to monitor somewhere it shouldn’t?

I don’t have this problem with WL 9.5. The problem is only on WL 10. When I insert the External FX plugin either on the MASTERSECTION or on the montage Effects in the inspector section.

No analog effects here, but digital connected devices here - Juenger Accent, System 6000, EMT 248. Tried them out yesterday in the Master Section of WL10 Pro - works fine with up to two devices chained. Three devices and it started to get drop outs - aggregated RME cards with 90 inputs and 90 outputs.

like a feedback

Since feedback is injecting in the input all or part of the output, can you imagine any setting in your audio device that could cause this?

The problem happens only when I insert the External Fx plugin. Like I mentioned this problem doesn’t happen on WL 9.5 when I inset ASIO plugins External Gear.

For those with Lynx Hilo on Mac10.13.6 buffer size higher than 512 will not work.

Lower buffer to 512 or below and reboot.