external FX

I have 30 external FX rack mount devices. Each has its own audio path in the Lynx Aurora interface. When I connect to a different audio interface all of the external FX assignments are gone (unassigned). This takes awhile to manually re-assign these. There doesn’t seem to be a preset window available to use to re-connect these. The favorites are somewhat helpful since they can be placed back into the correct assignment channels but that still is a time consuming process. I have tried creating a template when the assignments are present in the hopes that they would be recognized when that template is recalled. That does not work. Is there any quicker method of recalling those external FX presets ? Seems like this is an issue that needs attention. They are not saved as part of the project file or as a default setup. They are not otherwise recallable that I can find.

Nuendo’s External FX are a great example of a brilliant idea which has been implemented poorly. My personal workaround is to keep screenshots of the routing window. An archaic workaround to make use of an otherwise formidable feature …

Thanks for the reply.

I tried using a saved copy of the external fx.xml that is in the Nuendo folder to possibly “restore” the assignments back into the system but for some reason this does not work. If I knew what other files and lists were in play I could create a batch file to insert these back into the assignment section.

If you save your External FX as “favorites”, then -upon loading- they do remember their routings; no!?
It does here …


I wrote about similar issue a few times! However, I never received a “concrete” answer.
Yes, Fredo. Instead of “re-setting” the I/O (for every external FX) each time, we can also save as “favorites”.
It means that you ALWAYS have to remove existing paths (un-connected) first, then you must add favorites and then you have to close Nuendo and reopen it. Without a last step, no External FX is visible among plugins.