External FX

HI. I am running Cubase 6 with an MR816csx on a mac. I just purchased the Lexicon PCM 92 and after reading the manual am still unclear on how to make all of the connections. The outputs and inputs seem straightforward but what i am still uncertain about is how will the lexicon appear in the send list within cubase. Do I have to make midi connections in order for it to appear in the list.

I don’t want to give you a bum steer here as I don’t use external effects, but I think you need to go to VST Conections and click on the External FX tab and then click Add External Fx.

Add your device there and setup the Send/Return connections.

Now your device will be selectable when you open an Fx track and allow you to adjust the send levels sent to it.

Add using the external effects tab under VST connections. You should have already specified the I/O using device setup so then you just select them for the external effects device port.
Then to use, add as an insert under Steinberg, external plug ins