External Fx's and Cubase 13 , Super , fantastic

C13 is running very sweet for me now so i decided to integrate some of my SPL hardware and i must say i’m absolutely over the moon , Not a grumble , all thou the Cpu usage creeps up once rendered for some strange reason , yesterday i spent all day rendering individual tracks , a total of 149 tracks some 4 minutes long , all one after each other and C13 didn’t even grumble , the latency was down to 4ms and strangely i never even felt the urge to save after each render . If that was C12 , it would , cough , splutter , throw a wobbler and if you forgot to save after the render it would crash

Very impressed , im actually inspired to use hardware once again .

Nice one Steinberg youv’e done all plug in venders out of sales this years :ok_hand: :crazy_face: :joy:

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