External Gear without Midi CC add Patch Details to Midi Segments

Okay so I use a mix of VSTi and External Gear - some of this external gear has no Midi CC as it is Semi Modular or Modular gear…

On more complex sounds I find myself taking photos on my phone of my hardware\patches and making notes so I can recreate them should I need to for a particular track and midi segment. I generally bounce my Midi hardware recordings off to Audio and keep my MIDI so I can tweak at a later date, if I could just add a visual representation to the MIDI segments of the Patches I used and which Analogue gear that would be so handy.

simple method just add a photo of the patch I used to the Midi Segment so I can recreate my sound in the future - or much better an actual virtual image of Hardware - for example I could record my Dreadbox Nyx - open my Midi patch and then click add Visual Patch - select a drop down from popular manufacturers and then have an image of a Dreadbox NYX I can then recreate the patch with moving sliders \ knobs \ switches and save it to that midi segment. (easy for me to recreate my sound again)

If a piece of hardware doesn’t exist maybe a way to create your own Virtual Panels, which maybe helpful if you have built your own Modular rack you can pretty much recreate your unique setup and find that sound again.

Hope that makes some sense !! it was hard to word… Its not a big deal but would be helpful at times…

You can use a plugin for that.

That’s excellent many thanks Peakae, I’m kind of kicking myself that I have never looked !! :blush:

Installed and working great… thanks again :smiley: