External Gear / WL8 / OSX 10.8.5

the external gear plugin doesn´t work.
it did once, now it stopped working.

audio to external works, it even comes back into my audiointerface (i can see the levels in the audiointerface-software), but nothing goes back into wavelab8?
vst connections seem to be right?
is there anything i forget / monitoring ?

thanks, kapverden

ok i managed to get it working.
vst connections where not 100% right.
strange though that there is no other sort of feedback telling me whats wrong.

ok, so more questions:

i have to set the latency compensation manually,
when i set it on auto it is totally off, introducing a negative offset of about 20ms.
other software on the same system seems to communicate better with coreaudio in terms of latency,
so i think it has rather to do with wavelab?

it would be great to be able to set the latency by samples, btw, to have an 100% sample accurate recording.
or milliseconds, but with like 2 decimal places.

why is it that there is no monitoring when i render a session / file via the external gear plugin?
the manual doesn´t say anything about it.
it would be pretty essential, because it´s THE moment for the first quality control.

thank u


for the monitoring i found a solution, i use the record panel and record through that. no more render.

latency fine tuning in samples would still be a very cool option.

great program, it´s a bit tricky to find a way in, especially for a longtime mac user, but the quality is absolutely convincing / stunning. (this goes to PG!)

i´m still figuring out how to organize the best workflow for mastering, though. but that belongs to a different thread.

Hi Philippe, dear Timo

it would be so helpful for us professionals to have a monitor option during rendering with hardware plugins.
I have so many 7 to 10 min Trance tracks that I alsways have to spend twice the time for verification.

When will you change that?

Best regards,


it would be so helpful for us professionals to have a monitor option during rendering with hardware plugins.
I have so many 7 to 10 min Trance tracks that I alsways have to spend twice the time for verification.

I understand you wish, but in the same time… what really need to be monitored is the actual data on disk, at the end, ie. the stuff to deliver.
If you monitor in real time what is being rendered to file, there is always the possibility of a late problem in the chain (the audio being written to disk). Even if this should be rare, I admit.

I couldn’t agree more on this! As a matter of fact, I and many others have been begging for this since version 6, but it’s still not there. :open_mouth:
For a professional it’s unaccepatble that you can’t monitor your audio.

I made a calculation once how many time it would save to have this function, this is a small rerun on that.

A track, 6 minutes > rendering takes 6 minutes > listen back because you should never trust what you can’t hear > after 5 minutes there is a digital hickup = 11 minutes lost already.
Rerender > 6 minutes + 6 minutes listening back = 12 minutes. Total render times 23 minutes.
Rendering with realtime playback > after 5 minutes dropout > start again > 6 minutes = ok. Total time 11 minutes
So 23 minutes compared to 11 minutes for the same track and I didn’t even calculate the extra time needed for the actual starting of the rendering/undoing etc.
What if you have an attending customer paying by the hour? :blush:

The only acceptable workaround is record what is played back, but I think you found that out already.

hi phillipe,
thanks for joining in!

whats your opinion on this latency thing?

(i´m coming from pro tools, where i could adjust things at ms + 2 decimal places, or even samples if needed, and it behaves very stable)

BTW, don’t get me wrong, I love wavelab and i’m a user since version 4 I think.

Hi , why i cant use multi external gears when i have 8 routs , 4 stereo gears ?? and i can only use one , can anbody explain how to get benefit of the other 3 devices or 6 OUT ,Inputs devices ??

Not even talking about the issues you will probably run into with latency, dropouts etc, but you will have multiple ADDA passes which you really want to avoid. You don’t want to add color of multiple ADDA passes, one is ‘damageing’ enough. The way I use it is have multiple analog hardware in line with each other through my analog mastering matrix. I can switch in/out every analog device I use in any random order including MS.
My masterchain looks something like this most of the time: digital EQ (fabfilter pro-q or psp neon) > external gear (ADDA pass through analog chain) > ozone5 (some subtle things going on) > fabfilter pro-l.
The digtal EQ at the beginning is mostly just for cutting some stuff and maybe boost the level right before the analog chain.
So if you want to you use more hardware, get an analog mastering matrix, patchbay or plug things in series and use hardware bypass with relays to switch things in and out of the chain.