External Gear


I’m new to Wavelab 8 & having a few problems with the External Gear plugin.

I’ve got everything routed via my interface through a couple of hardwear EQs and back in again, and I can hear the signal. However, the signal I’m hearing seems to have bypassed the EQs. How am I able to hear the EQs with it plugged in as a send rather than directly onto my mastering chain? (The EQs definitely work, I already put them over the whole chain to test).

Secondly, when recording back into Wavelab, it sounds like I’m double bussing somehow, making a weird flange effect. I’ve checked all my settings and everything looks okay - any ideas?


Are you routed as in the manual (different i/o channels than your playback and record)? Sorry I don’t have a full answer, but the External Gear section on page 758 of the manual might help: