External Hardware in Cubase with AXR4U

Hi guys,

I purchased the AXR4. Very happy with the sound quality.
However, I have some external hardware I use with Cubase and I can’t get it to work with the AXR4. I wired everything up correctly and configured the I/O in Cubase and added the Hardware in the Cubase connections.
I use the Control Room in Cubase.
I tried about every setting in Cubase and in the AXR4 dspMixFX application, but no joy.

What am I doing wrong here? I had a UR824 before and with that unit I had no problem to get my hardware to integrate.

Any idea’s?

coming from the UR824 where you didn’t assign ANY outputs if you were using the control room, the AXR needs to have a least one set of outputs activated to get the Hardware AXR menu to appear on each track. I just assign an unused pair of outputs and then use the control rrom as I did before on my UR unit.