External Hardware Instrument with Control Room [Solved]

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If I connect the inputs to my External Synth in Control room, then it automatically disengages the inputs to the define external instrument in the Studio>Audio Connections > External Instruments.

How does one can have instrument track hooked into External instrument ( in Studio menu) with control room on?

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How / why do you “connect the inputs to your External Synth in control room”?

By using an interface with enough physical in- and outputs.

I often have several external instruments connected and never have encounter they being disconnected when using control room? Maybe you mean something else while you’re describing this? External instruments is an external synth or device that is physically connected via the audio inputs of your audio interface. For control room it’s just like any other audio input like an audio file or an instrument track?

To record MIDI and send Cue sends to other performers who I am recording at the same time.

I have 8 input and 8 output. It has 16-in/16-out FireWire Audio Interface with 8 Microphone Preamplifiers, 8 TRS Outputs. Unfortunately, My Synth has only a stereo output and does not come with an ASIO driver like MOTIF or Montage!

If nothin his possible. Is it possible to create multiple duplicate my incoming stereo channel from my SYNTH which is PSR-A3000 by Yamaha ( using a software outside cubase) and assign it to multiple PSR-A3000 virtually!

This is exactly what I mean. My external Synth is Yamaha PSR-A3000, I refer to that as PSR. Here is what is goin on:

  1. I have my PSR connected to inputs 7 and 8 on my MR816.
  2. I define In the Studio>Audio Connections > External Instruments section, with above input and PSR and MIDI device.
  3. Now I control room, I add a “External Input” for PSR! Now, I cannot select inputs 7 and 8, because they are already used by the External Instrument in last Step!

Either I have to force connection to the “External Input” in control room to control PSR incoming signal, or just forget about it in Control room setup!

Another things is that, when I define it in control room, then cubase does not recognize it as audio input in Audio tracks.

You don´t need step 3.

You are absolutely right. I don’t know why I was thinking! I guess I thought I cannot have PSR in Cue Mixes.

Thank you.