External hardware loop

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to find information about looping out through external hardware using Wavelab, and found this thread:


My question is whether the information there is still accurate.

If I’ve understood correctly, you can use the External Gear plugin to monitor in real-time through an external chain, but when you Render to record it back in, you can’t monitor at the same time.

Or there’s a workaround, which is to use Wavelab’s Record dialog, and activate the “Record what is played back” option. You can choose to record this to a track in a montage, but I’m not clear whether it can be placed at a specific time location or not.

Did I get this right ? Have there been any changes or updates to this since the thread I posted above ?

Thanks for any replies !


I wish I knew the definitive answer to this but I am 99% sure you can only send to one stereo output at a time. Since I use another DAW for the playback/capture process, I can’t really say for sure about either question though.

Hopefully somebody else can weigh in for you.