External Hardware with a 2nd Sound Card

Hi !
Just a little question here : I have my Cubase Pro 9.5 working perfectly with my Steinberg UR28M soundcard.
I have on the other hand an external EQ rack with 6 ins/outs, plugged into a M-Audio Fast Track Ultra.
I would like to use it only for digital/analog conversion, in order to send some of my stems in the physical EQ before printing them.
I just can’t find a way to use the UR28M as my main soundcard with my speakers, and the M-audio for the ins/outs of the EQ, simultaneously.

If I select the M Audio as the main soundcard in the ASIO setup, I can make it work. But I can’t hear the result on the UR28M. And if I switch back to the UR28M as main soundcard, all my setup in External FX window are lost.

Maybe someone have the solution ? Ps: I’m on a mac so I read that Asio4all is not needed (anyway it doesn’t exist for mac…).

Thanks in advance for your help !




You cannot use 2 Audio Devices (ASIO Drivers) at the same time. Also any of your Audio Devices doesn’t have ADAT, so you cannot use it as a convertor only.

You could try to use Aggregate Device. But officially it’s not supported (in any DAW).

Hi, thanks for your reply !
So in other therms, I should invest in a new sound card with more in/outs in order to use it as my main device and to connect my hardware on it ? Thanks !!

Yes, please.