External Hardware

Yesterday I tried to completely master a CD within Wavelab for the first time, but I had a big issue with integrating my Hardware Comnpressor. As Audio Interface I used an Avid HDX card with an HD I/O (16 Ins / Outs). I’m working on Mac OS X 10.7 and used the Audio Interface as Core Audio device. Within the Audio settings I configured the correct Ouput to play back my audio to my Monitors.

Afterwards I tried to configure the HW insert under the ASIO Plug Ins Tab. I set up to send the signal on output 5 and 6 to the hardware and bring it back on channel 1 and 2. The problem was, that it sent the signal correctly to the Hardware and brought it back into Wavelab, but when I used the external PlugIn in the Mastering section within Wavelab everything was playing back in Mono and I couldn’t find out how to configure Wavelab to playback in stereo. Maybe someone can help me.