External HDD


I use Cubase between 2 laptops. One USB 2 and the other USB 3

I would like to keep and save my projects on an external Hard Drive, rather than keeping my projects up to date on both laptops.

Are there any pitfalls doing this and can you recommend a suitable external drive that is quick enough for the job?


I have a GDrive mini. It’s 750 GB, USB or Firewire, about 3"x5"x1". It works well. The only thing is, it’s touchy about the computer sleeping. If you want the computer to sleep you need to eject/unmount the drive first.

Last I checked they’re about $160. You might also see what people recommend in the hardware forum.

Thank you for your reply.

I was beginning to think that I was unique in this type of workflow.

If your projects have lots of audio tracks, USB 2 won’t be fast enough, especially if 5400 rpm.