External HW Device panel - how to receive a patch's CCs


I have a couple of HW synths (microQ and TX802).

I found a device panel for the microQ (and I guess I can build my own too) - but my main problem is that the device panel does not “read” the current state of the synth when I load a patch.

(E.g. All knobs are in the default position)

If I tweak some knobs on the synth then the relevant “knobs” in the device panel snap to the real values - but this method menas I need to go over (wiggle) ALL the knobs in the HW synth just to get a representation of the HW patch in the device panel - for example - To see where the filter cutoffs are )

If I dont do this and touch a device panel “knob” (like a filter cutoff inob that is set to max (127) by default - then the HW synth’s cutoff jumps to max (127) and the patch is altered …

Is there a way to “read all current parameters” from the external synth ?
(I tried “dumping” the patch from the external synth to cubase - but that doesnt seem to affect the device panel)

Help will be appreciated.


that’s exactly the topic i also want to know, just struggling with a Device Panel for Access Virus B. The Panel communicates to the synth, for example patch change, but it doesn’t get the data from the synth. Also the patch list is wrong. So there is communication Cubase Device Panel -> Synth, but no communication Synth -> Cubase Device Panel.