External Input cannot be a normal input too?

Is it possible to have an external input (on Nuendo’s Control Room) -e.g. a CD-player- simultaneously connected as a normal input which can be recorded?

Every time when I’d like to have my CD-player, which is connected as an external input, as a normal input Nuendo shows a warning which doesn’t allow for double connections; “The selected device port is used exclusively. This connection will be ended. Do you want to continue?
I hope I’m overlooking something?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Not before my rig ATM, but there is somewhere a preference for that.
“Exclusive ports” or something.


Preferences->VST->Control Room->Exclusive Device Ports for Monitor Channels

I found this particular preference unchecked in Nuendo’s prefs, so in my opinion it should be possible to route my CD player simultaneously to Nuendo’s inputs and Nuendo’s external inputs…but still nuendo reacts with “The selected device port is used exclusively. Do you want to continue?”, when I establish that… even when I check the pref and uncheck it again…
Does this work with your rigs, Oliver Lucas and Fredo? Can it be some pref that doesn’t seem to react in my rig?

Thanks for your help.
Best, Niek.

By reading TFM,
I found out why it doesn’t work:

If you select external inputs as input source of an audio channel, you can record them. In this case, you do not need to assign the device ports to the input channel.

Problem solved, case closed.
Thanks anyway!

Niek/ Amsterdam.