External Instrument added latency

Hi all

I route my synths to the inputs of an Apollo x16. I use the “external synth routing” option in Nuendo/Cubase, However, during recording, there is latency when the sound is coming into the UAD console vs if I just use a simple midi out and not use “external synth routing” setup.

I can understand that there will be latency during playback but whilst recording there should be zero delay compensation… correct?

Wrong - delay compensation is always on, unless you manually constrain it.
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Luckily I got someone who actually read the post properly on facebook and wanted to help and actually solved it… with zero delay compensation for my external synths during recording.

Please do share that solution, I replied a solution in your other thread and I’m curious. Probably best to share it in the other thread in case this one does get deleted. Don’t forget to check, zoom right in.

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