external instrument export audio

i’m trying to do an export and i have an external instrument feeding my blofeld … when i do the export in realtime , no sound comes from the external instrument it doesn’t even register in the mixer … what am i doing wrong? i’ve never had this problem before … i was going to freeze that track also and a pop up comes up and says the device isn’t connected… the problem is that it is connected and it plays back fine …

so i cant export the EI part and i cant freeze it … any ideas?

I’ve never used external instrument for my Blofeld (or any hardware for that matter). I usually just record the part to an audio track first and then export. That always works if you can’t figure it out :slight_smile:

Are you putting the MIDI out to the external instrument or to the Blofeld?

I would think that the chain should look like this:

MIDI to external instrument
Audio track being fed by the outputs of the Blofeld.

That the Blofeld is like my Korg Radias-R in that it can use external audio to replace the waveform of the oscillators.

No, the blofeld has no audio inputs. I think he means the Cubase functionality ‘external instrument’.

This feature is only available in Cubase (not Artist or below) (I could be wrong).

It requires that a MIDI device be set up, Audio inputs be bused, and then it’s initialized by adding an instrument track (not an audio track).

(I’ve been reading the manual!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ) (Not meant as demeaning, just me being overly excited about reading the Cubase manual at 3 a.m.)