External instrument set up

I have been trying to set up my piano as an external instrument in cubase pro 8. I have read page 37 etc of the manual many, many times but I am still not getting it. I had it working once - but not now - and if I try - project - add instrument track - it no longer shows up as an option.

Watched a few videos on you tube which haven’t helped.

Piano works perfectly well in all other respects - as master keyboard, I can play all the cubase internal instruments, I can record the audio from the piano, I can record the midi output from the piano - I just can’t create it as an external instrument track or find a way of playing the piano back consistently from a recorded midi track.

Has anyone any advice?


Did you Add it as an External Instrument in the VST Connections? Please, describe, what you did already, to know, where to start.

Yes - added as external instrument in VST Connections. That has worked in the past - in the sense that it then appeared as an option when trying to add a new instrument track - but it does not appear now.

Thanks for helping.


Do you use own plug-in Collection?

Btw: What Cubase version exactly do you use?

The only plug - ins are whatever is supplied in the program which is Cubase Pro 8 version 8.0.35


I mean, if you use your own plug-in Collection in the Plug-in Manager.

Could you send a screenshot of your VST Connections > External Instruments, and the screenshot of the list of VST Instruments, when you try to Add it?

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.06.58.png
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.04.06.png

Thanks for the reply. I hope these are the screenshots you mean.


I think I have it. The confusion (or one of the confusions) is to do with the routing back from my interface and which ports I am using. It doesn’t help that my piano has to share outputs with stereo cymbals from my electronic drums and that combined with various other misunderstandings caused the problem.

Thanks,…onwards and upwards.