External instrument vs Input ?

There are two ways to have a hardware synth working in Cubase

one is adding a new input and using MIDI track and Audio track to Record

and the second, using the “external instrument” tab adding your HW in the midi devices and then it works as “VST instrument track” < I was wondering, whats the real advantage of this last?


The real advantage is, you don’t have to take care about 2 tracks. Everything is done in one track only. And you don’t have to setup Output MIDI port, and Audio Input all the time. All of those are handled by the External Instrument already. Moreover, you can setup fixed Delay to make sure the signal is exactly in time. So you don’t have to setup Track Delay (negative) for every single MIDI track individually.

I understand… okey, the thing is, yesterday I did this “external instrument” as “vst”, but at the moment of use te option “render in place” this asked me to record in realtime, which is logic, but here is my confusion;

whats the way to make a realtime render inside the project without the extra audio routing and before making a complete song render…?


Yes, once you use an External Instrument, the Render In Place will be always in Real Time. Even if you don’t Render the External Instrument.

At the other hand, if you want to “export audio” from your HW synth, you also have to do it real time.